Published and Forthcoming Articles

  • Case Selection and Supreme Court Pivots (with Gleason Judd) (Political Science Research and Methods2022) (Journal Link) (Ungated Link)
  • Bureaucrats under Populism (with Massimo Morelli) (Journal of Public Economics – 2021) (Journal Link) (Ungated Link) (CEPR Discussion Paper 14499)
  • Delegation and Political Turnover (Journal of Theoretical Politics – 2020(Journal Link)
  • Delegation to an Overconfident Expert (with Scott Ashworth) (Journal of Politics – 2019) (Journal Link)

Working Papers

  • Political Competition and Judicial Independence: How Courts Fill the Void When Legislatures Are Ineffective (with Joshua Boston, Dave Carlson, and JB Duck-May) (Link) (Conditionally Accepted at the Journal of Law and Courts)
  • Buying Campaign Investments with Policy Concessions (with Dan Alexander)  (Link) (Submitted)
  • Hierarchical Control (with Ian Turner and Chris Li) (Link) (Submitted)
  • Electoral Competition with Voting Costs (with Gleason Judd) (Link) (Submitted)
  • Policy Bundling and Costly Monitoring (Link)

 Works in Progress

  • Small Donors and Candidate Entry
  • Analyzing Patent Adjudication in Liberal and Coordinated Market Economies (with Joshua Boston)
  • The Dynamics of Suffrage (with Corrine McConnaughy)
  • Learning in Hierarchies (with Allison Cutner)
  • Voting Costs and Policy Feedback (with Gleason Judd)
  • Pivotal Voters and Costly Voting (with Gleason Judd)