Fall 2020

  • Decisions and Organizations – QTM 385 8: This course will cover incentives and information in organizations and individual decision making. We start by exploring incentives and choices for an individual decision maker. We then move to examining incentives provision and information flows within organizations and how they work differently for different organizational types such as firms, bureaucracies, and non-profits. We will also consider topics such as organizational culture, cooperation, and leadership. Finally, we turn to recent work in behavioral economics and psychology and their implication for earlier topics. Throughout, we will discuss applications to areas including education, health, crime, national security, and political economy. We will also cover the necessary game theory for all models used in this course. No prior experience with game theory is necessary, but we will make use of  calculus and basic probability.

Previous Teaching

  • Designing American Democracy –  (Undergraduate level, Spring, 2018, University of Rochester) Syllabus
  • Teaching Assistant for Advanced Microeconomics for Policy Analysis – (PhD level, 2012 – 2014, University of Chicago)
  • Teaching Assistant for Decisions and Organizations (Masters level, 2014 – 2015, University of Chicago)
  • Teaching Assistant for Politics and Policy (Undergraduate level, 2013, University of Chicago)
  • Teaching Assistant for Political Economy of Cities (Masters level, 2012, University of Chicago)